Our conversation assistant, Kate, is leaving this week. We want to thank her for everything, Kate, you have been great, a good conversation assistant and, above all, a great person!! Thanks a lot and we hope we will see you soon!!
Here you have some words that Kate has written to our students:
Hi guys,

Thanks so much for all your lovely letters and presents! I could not believe it - you are so thoughtful and kind! It has been such an enormous pleasure working with you this past year and you have never stopped surprising me with your brilliance. With such a fantastic attitude towards life I am sure you will FLY at everything you want to do. I wish you all the luck in the world for the future but most of all have fun while you´re at it.

I completely love my bracelets - thanks to Laura, Lucia and Lorena and to Sonsoles, Maria, Nicole and MariaIsabel - I will wear them both when I take my exam on June 15th to bring me luck - so think of me struggling away on that day!

.....And, Carlos....What can I say? Thank you very much indeed for your words. They touched my heart. You are a courageous and thoughtful young man.

That´s all. Take care all of you. I shall never forget you!

Lots of love, Kate



Hi dear pupils!

I´ve been thinking and... I´m going to give a present to you, but I want you to do something in return. Try to answer the questions we haven´t answered in class, by looking for the answers in Internet:

Cordoba´s mosque:

Who started its construction?

What does it look like in the outside? Why?


Alhambra palace:

Which three parts is it composed of? (Write the names)
a) Defensive part
b) Official part
c) Gardens

I´m waiting for your answers; as soon as you do, I´ll give you my present!



And our April´s best couple because of their attitude, daily work, responsibility are...