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And what to say about our poets of the third year! Would you like to celebrate the World Poetry Day writing an acrostic with your name?

An acrostic poem takes a word, sentence, or phrase and makes the first letter of each the first line of a poem, for example …

Merry to share this year with you
Alive as you are, plenty of energy.
Grateful for watching you day after day
Determined to get the greatest success
Able, I’m sure to get everything

World poetry day

World Poetry Day is on 21 March, and was declared by UNESCO in 1999. The purpose of the day is to promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world.

To celebrate it we could turn some riddles into poems. Could you finish these ones? And why don’t you write your own poem?

This is a word which rhymes with cat,
It goes on your head because it's a ____.

I'm useful for journeys when you're going far,
I need lots of petrol because I'm a ____.

You'll find us near ponds or sitting on logs,
We jump and we croak because we are _____.

This is a word which rhymes with up.
You can drink out of me bcause I'm a ____.

This is a word which rhymes with bake,
I'm nice to eat because I'm a ______.

This is a word which rhymes with spoon,
I shine at night because I'm the______.

A neverending circle, a bright shiny thing,
It's on my fourth finger because it's a _____.


Equivalent fractions

What is an equivalent fraction?

If we look up the word equivalent in the dictionary, we would find something along the lines of, 'equal in value, force or measure'.So, as this word suggests, an equivalent fraction is a fraction that has the same value as another fraction, only the numbers are different.

See more information here

ACTIVITY: Finding equivalent fractions
  Find 5 equivalent fractions for 12. Does this picture help you? (Write your answer in the comments)

How do we do this mathematically?
By multiplying the top and bottom part of the fractions by the same number: 2, 3...

Practice more.

Take care,

PI day

Hi there,

Today we celebrate Pi Day as it is March 14 (or 3/14 in month/day date format), since 3, 1 and 4 are the three most significant digits of π in the decimal form.

Have a look at the Pi Day challenge and Pi Day activity.

Take care,



I have a present for you... Did you know that I love art, and specially Romanesque art? These are the images that you could find in the exam to comment on them tomorrow. So, don´t worry about any unknown o strange images.

Have a look

Bye and don´t be nervous! Only one thing: the exam is very, very long, as usual; sorry but I love this period!



Fractions from a gender point of view

Hi boys and girls,

Today we celebrate the International Women's Day, originally called International Working Women's Day. It is a day to remark women's economic, political and social achievements.

I would like to speak with you today about some data I found about the situation of women around the world, and others specific from Spain. Here you have some interesting fractions:

.1.  Women and girls do 2/3 of global labour.
2.  For every $ 100 earned by a man for his work, the woman doing the same received only 80. In an average working life, women earn half a million dollars less than men.
3.  In Spain, 6 out of 10 university students are women, although only 11 of 77 chancellors in our country are.
4.  In Spain, 38 in 100 women have stopped working for over a year for the birth of their children, while only 7 out of 100 men do so.
5.  19 out of 20 maternity requests for childcare leave are applied for by the mothers.
6.  In Spain, there are only 132 female deputies, of the 350 representatives in Parliament.
7.  In RAE (Spanish Academy of Language), there have only been 5 women out of 460 members in History.
8.  Only 10 out of the 100 honorary doctors in Spain are women.
9.  2 out of 3 of the world's illiterates are women.
10.Only 10 of the 100 Presidents and Boards of Directors of the IBEX-35 are women.
11.In the total of the governments of the EU, women represent only ¼.
12.Only 28 of every 100 workers in medium-high technology corporations are women.
 What can we do? What do you think about this?
 Let me know in your comments,



International Women's Day

Why is this day celebrated all over the world?
Why do we celebrate it on 8th of March?
Do we need such a day in the 21st century?
We will find the answers to these questions and more information in the links below.

What do they do?.

Carmen will help us to learn who has helped to change our daily life.

What do you know about the history of this day? Why is it necessary nowadays?

Do you know that by investing in women and girls, we can accelerate social, economic and political progress? Discover how.



Hello! Here you can find the contents for our next exam. Good luck!

Preparing the exam

Medieval Art Presentation