Texts about European Revolutions

Here you have the texts about the Unit 1. Choose one about the American Revolution and other about the French Revolution.


Writing a horror story

The Social Science teacher says that reading is a pleasure. I say...

Write, what a pleasure!!!

This year we will write a horror story to celebrate Halloween. Here you have the steps you have to follow to be successful.

And remember, you shouldn't write more than 200 words

Nine steps to write a horror story
1. Get an idea. How bad is it when a horror story has no great idea to get it started? To get these ideas, try to think of them just as you're starting to drift off to sleep. Try to think of the things that you wouldn't want coming out at you from those shadows, and then begin to think of what might happen if they did. For example: "Oh my gosh! I would not want an evil monster to slowly open the door to my room trying to make me like them! That would be horrible!" could be something you'd be thinking about.1
2. Take care of the details. This is just good, general advice for any story: you - need - details! What good are your setting, your characters, minor and biggest plot events if you don't have the details to go with them?
3. Plan it out. It's a good idea to write out what will happen in the story, in point form, before you actually write out your story. You can use the point form notes as a guide; they'll keep you from getting lost or going around in circles. Don't be too elaborate in your point form notes; you just want the big things that are going to happen and the order in which they go.
4. Think of an exciting first sentence. Nothing is better than to start a story with an exciting, unexpected sentence then keep the detail and excitement going. This will catch the readers eye and encourage them to keep reading.
5.. Just write. Put pen to paper and write, write, write. Follow your guidelines so that you don't go in circles and lose the reader. Be sure not to use too much mystery, if you're inclined to; your reader needs to know what's happening in order to be scared, after all.
6..Eerie settings. Some locations are better suited for a horror story than others. Places related to death make a great deal of difference in the story. For example you could have your story set in a graveyard, and old dilapidated mansion or a castle.
7..Add the horror. Ask people what scares them the most, then think of something you're afraid of, then think of something genuinely scary, toss it into the pot and bingo! You have horror.
8. End with a bang. A very scary bang. Try not to make the ending happy. It is horror, after all.
9..Rewrite. Go through your story, edit it, rewrite what parts look like they could be better said, and then get your friends and acquaintances to read the story too! They are usually better than you at picking up mistakes you've made up.


Read, what a pleasure!

Here you have the list of books related to Contemporary History.

You have to choose one of them, read it, and ask for the work. I have almost all.

Download the list here

French Revolution Report

Do you remember the freaky guy from whom we watched a video about American Revolution?

Here he is!


Covent Garden

A lot of tourists go to Covent Garden every day. In this market we find ...

Look this video and finish the story.