Compound interest

Hi kids,

we left this part of the unit before Christmas. It is quite important that you all understand what compound interest is, because I am afraid you will use it as adults.

First of all, I strongly recommend you to read about simple interest, we studied last year (See simple interest post).

Here you have a link with all the information (see compound interest).Have a look at the video if you still don't get:

The main difference between simple and compound interest is that with compound interest, we work out the interst for the first period, add it to the total, and then calculate the interest for the next period and so on. In the simple interest calculation we added the interest just at the end. I hope this video will help to remark the differences between simple and compound interest:

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Ethics & Morality

 This video discusses the ethical and moral dilemma faced by Captain Picard in an episode of Star Trek where he must choose whether to do nothing — in which case tens of thousands of people will die — or do something to save them but with a risk that millions of people will die.

Hello, October

What words come to mind when you think of the month of October?
Me? Autumn, brown colours, falling leaves, shorter days.


How are you?

A new week has begun ...


UNIT 1: Numbers and their uses (I)

Hi boys and girls,

I post you here the review needed to study the first unit this year. See UNIT 1.

I also thought that it may be useful to have a vocabulary sheet for each unit, so that it can help you to understand the explanations in class. UNIT 1 VOCABULARY.

Watch this video to review the properties of integers:

Click on this website to go over the rational numbers.
See the bbc website to do in depth numbers, fractions, powers and roots.

Take care, and study hard.


UNIT 1: Natural Numbers

My dear students,

I post here the summary of unit 1: "Natural Numbers", with the exercises to study this topic. Anyway, I will give you next tuesday the Math in spanish books, because I am aware that you may need some help with the language at the beginning.

Download UNIT 1

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