Ethics & Morality

 This video discusses the ethical and moral dilemma faced by Captain Picard in an episode of Star Trek where he must choose whether to do nothing — in which case tens of thousands of people will die — or do something to save them but with a risk that millions of people will die.

Hello, October

What words come to mind when you think of the month of October?
Me? Autumn, brown colours, falling leaves, shorter days.


How are you?

A new week has begun ...


UNIT 1: Numbers and their uses (I)

Hi boys and girls,

I post you here the review needed to study the first unit this year. See UNIT 1.

I also thought that it may be useful to have a vocabulary sheet for each unit, so that it can help you to understand the explanations in class. UNIT 1 VOCABULARY.

Watch this video to review the properties of integers:

Click on this website to go over the rational numbers.
See the bbc website to do in depth numbers, fractions, powers and roots.

Take care, and study hard.


UNIT 1: Natural Numbers

My dear students,

I post here the summary of unit 1: "Natural Numbers", with the exercises to study this topic. Anyway, I will give you next tuesday the Math in spanish books, because I am aware that you may need some help with the language at the beginning.

Download UNIT 1

Take care and enjoy your weekend.




We hope you have the best teachers during your time with us.

Welcome to the European Section once again. Enjoy it a lot!


World War II in Europe

Here you have an amazing PPT about the WWII

Causes of the WWII

Last but not least....



What is an equation? An equations says that two things are equal, it will always have an equal sign.
In fact, solving an equation is just like solving a puzzle. And like puzzles, there are things you can (and cannot) do. Here are some things you can do:

And the more "tricks" and techniques you learn the better you will get. 

After solving, you should always check that your solution really is a solution.

If you want to practice, here you have some activities:

1. Does x satisfy the equation?
2. Solve one-step linear equations.
3. Solve two-step linear equations.
4. Solve multi-step equations.
5. Solve equations involving like-terms.

To end up, you can relax with these games about math vocabulary and equations solving: practice your math vocabulary with an equation puzzle or solve one-step equations and two-step equations.

Take care.


Hitler and the Nazis

Dear all, here you have the presentation about Hitler´s Rise to power. Remember that we will have an easy test this Friday.



Here you have the pp about Weimar Republic.


Documentaries about the crisis

While some of us were in London, the rest were watching some documentaries about the current crisis. 
One is Inside Job, that won an Oscar. The other one is Fraude, it is a spanish documentary with a different point of view. Besides, you have another one, Overdose. All explain the crisis from very different perspectives.

Inside Job (click to watch the documentary)

Fraude, el por qué de la gran recesión (Click)



Blueberry cheesecake

Hi kids,

this is the cake I cooked to teach you how to make a practical study on proportions. Have a look and tell me what you think about it:

I attached the file with the recipe and problems I have prepared as an example. In addition, you can also download the file with the project evaluation.

Deadline is next Friday, May 3rd.




Simple interest

Hi kids,

I am sure you have heard about bank interest, but never have been told what is that exactly. I would say that INTEREST is how much is paid for the use of money (expressed as a percent or an amount). For further information, click on here (FOCUS ON SIMPLE INTEREST ONLY).

Have you ever wondered how a real bank works? See that video if you are interested:

If you want to practice doing exercises, have a look here.

This is the main vocabulary you should know for that unit:

LOAN, CREDIT: préstamo
RATE OF INTEREST: Tipo de interés
BORROW: Tomar/pedir dinero prestado
LEND: Prestar dinero

Take care.



Kolyma: the worst communist concentration camp.

Documentary about Russian Revolutions. Remember, you can use the youtube subtites.

Texts about Russian Revolutions

Stalin with Yezhov, before Stalin ordered kill him.
... and after. Bolshevik photoshop.
Here you have the texts about the Russian Revolution, the first part of the unit 6.


Countries of Africa

This is the list of countries of Africa.


Films about Modern History

Apocalypse Now, film about the Vietnam War

Here you have the list. Rebember to choose one film and notify on comment. And besides, you can watch another movie about this period.

Please, forget "The boy in the striped pyjamas" and "The diary of Anna Frank". If you have any doubt ask your teacher, i mean, me.


Imperialism and 1WW

Europe in 1914 and 1919

These are the texts about the Imperialism and the Great War


European imperialism in Africa

This is the video we watched last day. And these are the questions about it:


- What was the name of the places that europeans conquered?

- According to Adam Hochschild, What was the subject of the conquered?
- What were the reasons because the Europeans moved quickly?

 - What did European missionaries look for?

- Where wss one of the most oppressive colonies? Who was in charge?

- What was the name of the Conrad´s novel? What was it about?

- What were the names of the two states that resisted European colonization?


Texts about Liberalism, Marxism and Anarchism

A statue of Adam Smith in Edimburgh

Here you have the texts of the unit 3. Remember you have to do one about liberalism, another one about marxism and anarchism too.